Gaming Community

Server close and community open

The Minecraft server was a failure and we decided to close it definitively. we want to turn FileMc into a gaming community. nothing beyond the mc server will be closed. The machine where the server was will be used to create game servers.

Server open

The practice server is officially open for all players! 50% discount for all the packages on the store!!!

Players Stats

We added to the website the players stats!! there you can get: Elo leaderboard per kit User kills User deaths User elo per kit User matches Invernoty of a player of any matches Per match winner maps and ladder Share match link Check it out at

Facebook Login

we have added the Facebook login method. Now you can easily login into your account or create one with facebook. Privacy policy

Private Messages

we have added private messages on the site, so just send a message instead of finding a way to contact who you want to talk to Click here to open private messages

New Site

welcome to the new filemc website. we redid the site from the beginning because the old was giving problems. with the new update we also have the speed, now the site is faster than ever! we have also decided to make the site in English instead of Italian to offer a better experience to all […]